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A Self confessed ‘Sea cliff climbing addict & Jamming & wide crack obsessive’… Guide, New router & Writer

Stu Bradley Climbing Instructor

Stu Bradbury

New routing in North Cornwall

Hi there!

Just to bring you up to speed on my climbing experience & resume my name is Stu Bradbury & I am based on the North coast of Cornwall.

My climbing journey started in the mid 80’s & fast became an obsession & lifestyle which has swallowed up more years & effort than I care to remember.

I have travelled the globe in search of ‘off the beaten track’ areas & inspiring routes & have achieved far more that I could ever have imagined when I started out, having climbed routes up to E7 & put up many new routes to a grade of E6.

My personal motivation comes from inspiring & aesthetic lines which give 3 dimensional gymnastic style climbing such as grooves & flairs, as well as having a particular love & interest in the ‘Dark art’ of Jamming & offwidth cracks.

I was drawn to the wild environment of the South West in the early 000’s with its miles of Sea cliff climbing potential, wide variety of rock types & styles, as well as its dedicated & enthusiastic bunch of characters & fell in love with Cornwall, I have climbed & guided here ever since.

I started instructing & guiding 1996 firstly in the Peak & specializing in Sea cliffs since early 2000’s

Over the years I have written many articles for UKC as well as other publications & have also been a contributor to the areas updated guidebooks (Check out the ‘Articles‘ page above)

As well as guiding, I run specialist workshops & coaching in Jamming & offwidth crack climbing & offer my own brand of hand crafted crack climbing accessories including leather/suede Jamming gloves & ankle protection along with ‘Jam Punk’ crack T shirts (Check out the Crack page above)

I am also available for bookings for slide shows/talks on a variety of climbing subject for climbing clubs & Climbing walls.


Bridge Cottage, Diddies Lane, Stratton, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 9NF


Mobile: 07896 622 754
Landline: 01288 682 445



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