WIDECRAFT: Jamming & Offwidth crack climbing course

Jamming and off width crack climbing workshops - Widecraft, Crack Climbing Workshops with Stu Bradbury

WIDECRAFT: Jamming & Offwidth crack climbing course

Based over 2 days, building tips tactics & techniques for skills improvement …

Wide cracks can vary from hand jam size through to squeeze chimneys so we will touch on all of these techniques over the 2 day so you have tactics for all sizes.

When: Weekends or weekdays (Based over 2 days) Arranged around your dates throughout the year.

Where: Cornwall & Peak district.

Who: Based on 2 or 4 climbers max

(NOTE: Due to the strenuous nature of the style, to get the best from the workshop weekend you should be capable of climbing at HVS as a 2nd)

Day Rate Cost:

4 climbers: £80 per person
2 Climbers £125 per person

Crack Climbing Workshop Covers:


  • Personal protection & associated problems issues & alternatives
  • Clothes
  • Knee & Elbow pads
  • Shoes/boots?
  • Jam gloves/ankle pro
  • Taping up
  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Warming up: Injury & Injury prevention


Covering both Traditional offwidth & Levittation.


  • Hand jamming (tight to wide) & cross over into fist.
  • Foot jam technique for above
  • Fist jamming
  • Foot jam technique for above
  • Hand/hand stacks (Butterfly Jam)
  • Hand/fist stacks
  • Fist/fist stacks
  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down
  • Palming


  • Heel/toe
  • T stacks
  • V stacks
  • Hip/knee/foot bar/lock
  • Groin/knee/foot bar/lock
  • Heel to lock/hooks
  • Banana foot
  • Heel in/Heel out


  • Chicken wing
  • Arm bar & gaston
  • Double chicken wing
  • Shoulder roll/shrug


  • Knee bars/lock
  • Double knees
  • Hip to knee bar
  • Knee to foot lock


  • Stacks & knee locks
  • Rotating
  • Resting
  • Squeeze chimneys:Knees/Arms/Back/Butt & shoulders

LEADING: Tips & tactics

  • Scoping the route
  • Left or right side in?
  • Breaking it down & tactics
  • Setting up for the lead (Gear)


  • Big cams: Dmm, Wild country, BD, Valley giants, Merlin, differences & benefits of each.
  • Bigbros: Extendable tubes, benefits, pitfalls & associated problems with each
  • Rope, single or double? (Tag lines)
  • Quickdraws/extenders, long or short
  • Benefits/pitfalls rope jam (Body or knees)
  • Bumping cams
  • Placing Bigbros
  • Leap frogging


  • Shoulders
  • Core
  • Legs

Over the 2 days we will be both top roping to improve techniques & for those feel solid leading, please contact me regarding a kit list to bring with you.


Bridge Cottage, Diddies Lane, Stratton, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 9NF


Mobile: 07896 622 754
Landline: 01288 682 445



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